What we produce

We create everything from short commercial and brand work to hour long documentary projects . If the project is passionately committed to telling a stunning visual story, we want to help tell it.



It's true it is all about the stories we tell. But its also about getting your vision shot and cut in a timely and affordable way, and that takes precision planning. Working from the ground up with scripting, shooting scripts, productions budgets and schedules ensures the most efficient process when it comes to completing a project. A solid plan is the best way to deal with the curve balls and challenges making any project will encounter.


This is when we capture the light and sound we will build into the project. Depending on the size and scope of the project filming can be a simple and quick affair or take many days of shooting and a small army.  My style of shooting will be tailored to meet the creative needs of the project and help the story the project is telling to be seen in every frame.



Filming is making paint, editing is the painting. After shooting the real magic and work begins as we review the footage, assemble a rough cut, and review. Add audio and score, create and add graphics, and review.  Color correct and grade, final audio mix and final cut, and you guessed it. review. When all the refinements have come together it is time to share it with the world...

And archive it in the depths of several hard drives.

special services


Perspective is powerful. We can see the world in important new ways when we are soaring hundreds of feet above it. Using advances in drone and camera technology we can now safely fly a 4K robo camera smoothly around the skies capturing shots that would have taken helicopters or would have been impossible all together ten years ago. These precision tools have changed the game and I love flying and shooting with them.

Time Lapse

Bending time is fascinating, potent, and absolutely an obsession of mine. Through motion controlled cameras and exposure ramping dramatic timescapes of cameras moving through the dawn or dusk landscapes is possible. As a storytelling element it continues to impress me with its ability to communicate.